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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 21, 2017 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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[ shuddering ] s-still s-so cold. m-maybe some coffee would warm us up. you have a problem. so, listen, how about if i say i'm giving you both a gift? that way, your sister-- we'll take it. lily! we can get the hats! yay! the 10:00 news on ktvu fox2 starts right now. more evacuation orders were lifted and napa county and sonoma counties. residents unite to help raise money to rebuild what they lost after the firestorm. we will get to the latest on the fires in just a moment but we begin with breaking news out of san francisco. police at the scene of a shooting in the pacific heights
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neighborhood. it was reported an hour ago. officials confirmed they responded to reports of someone who was shot but so far there's no word on the victim's condition or the circumstances involving the shooting. we have a crew on the way to the scene right now. we will keep you posted as we learn more. tonight by her cruiser at you closer having all the fires fully contain. the latest numbers show the tubbs fire is 94% contained. the nuns fires 86% and the atlas fire now up to 90% containment. the four wildfires have burned more than 245 mi.2 as the northbay continues to recover from the wildfires, a school which lost everything received a helping hand tonight. a pasta dinner was held today
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to raise money for the high school. rob malcolm has a story. >> reporter: it was damage in the wildfires and it was the right thing to do. they say that they put this together in a couple of days. it only took a week to get a raffle ticket and plenty of donations and food. the fundraiser through tonight from about 400 to 700 people. the faculty and parents say it was the least they could do for another school. they lost 19 classrooms and the library and offices. and 90 of the schools students lost their homes and the principal said that they will be back bigger and better and stronger. >> we are here to celebrate. we still have a school.
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half of it did not burned down. we have good things to work on and we can get back on our site. we will rebuild a better school but it will take time and effort. i don't feel that we've been knocked down. we are just being held back. >> this is all about having a good time. all the money raised will be handed over to the school. many of the people who lost homes in the wildfires are spreading this weekend sifting through what is left of their possessions. a subdivision called fountain grove was devastated by the wildfires and we spent time with the homeowner as she went to the remains of her home. there was little to salvage but each find triggered another memory.>> it doesn't look the
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way i bought it, but here it is. maybe we can started up and use it for next christmas. >> she says as devastating as she is, she's grateful that her and her family including her pet made out say. wineries are open for business but they say they are pouring fewer glasses because tourists are staying away. wineries are making -- encouraging them to return. >> reporter: unless you climb the hill on this weekend, you may never have known anything was wrong. >> the biggest fire was right behind us.
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quite a few miles away probably 13 or 14 miles. >> reporter: fire surrounded napa valley but the flames never reached most wineries. >> nearly 500 wineries here in the middle of napa valley, only a handful were damage. >> reporter: wineries got people back to work but parking lots were not full. >> the impression is that the napa valley has been destroyed and we've had losses but for the most part, the valley is an amazing beautiful day here. >> reporter: losing tourists could destroy napa valley. on this day the winery has 25% of its normal visitors. it is a similar situation at another winery. >> we are getting january and february traffic. >> reporter: they only had five
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writers on the train when they open friday. there are visitors who kept their trips because of the wildfires. >> if we are going to spend money, we might as well spend it here. >> reporter: right to be at your bachelor right as the wildfires were burning. >> you only get married once. winetasting is what i wanted to do. i have to come and support them. >> reporter: her 10 bridesmaids decided not to go along. just her maid of honor and brother. >> the wine is amazing and i'm glad i made the trip out. >> reporter: we are fortunate here. this wine here was picked long before the wildfires. very fortunate and there is no long-term effects. >> reporter: though say there is a simple solution for people
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wanting to help. >> in order for us to have healing to rebuild and revive, we need visitors to come back. >> reporter: it's important to note that many wineries here do not sell their wine anywhere else except in the winery. that is why some operators to think it's very important that if people do want to help, that they physically come out here to wine country and take the tour is into the tastings and by wind here. now to the santa cruz mountains where the bear fire is about 50% contained. cal fire is expecting full containment by tuesday. 390 acres have burned in steep terrain and evacuation orders remain in effect in a handful of areas where the fire started four days ago. the cause is under investigation. the sheriff department is searching for the driver of a stolen for truck connected to a hit-and-run in the east bay. they said happened along
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highway 4 in concord this afternoon. the suspect was driving the wrong way to avoid authorities and hit a suv head-on. the suv caught fire was several people inside. the victims were transported to the hospital with non-life- threatening injuries. police are investigating an officer involved shooting that left the suspect injured. it happened shortly before 2:00 a.m. this morning. an officer fired at a suspected car thief after police say he intentionally ran his vehicle into the officers patrol car. the suspect was wounded and is listed in stable condition. the officers were not injured. president donald trump is promising the biggest tax cuts in american history. the bow comes on the heels of the approval of a budget this week that clears the way for congressional republicans to get the tax plan passed. despite pushback from democrats
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they suggest that it's likely the house will approve what they send over to avoid a time consuming conference. house leaders are hoping that will lead to passing tax reform by thanksgiving. >> this keeps us on the timetable to get this on the desk by the end of the year. we think that america is falling behind and people are sick of this tax code. >> as part of the tax plan, lindsey graham is promising to offer an increase in the minimum wage and he says that could be the key to winning over some democrats with time for about. the trump administration former white house chief strategist has harsh words for george w. bush saying he has no idea whether he is coming or going. he was reacting to comments he made on thursday in new york. allison barber has more from washington. >> reporter: one of the harshest rebukes that george w. bush is coming from a former trump official.
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former white house chief strategist steve bannon said the 43rd president does not know what is talking about. >> president bush embarrass himself to me. four days before bush said this in new york. >> we see nationalism distorted. immigration is always brought to america. prejudice in our public life that's a national tone. it provides permission for cruelty and bigotry and compromises the moral education to children. the only way to pass along civic values is to first live up to them. >> reporter: many said it was a speech on trump's him -- even though bush did not mention trump. the white house said they don't buy that line of thinking. >> our understanding is those comments were not directed
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towards dry. >> reporter: he offered one of the most severe responses from anyone associated with this white house. >> it is clear he did not understand anything he was talking about. he equates the revolution in globalization and he has no idea what he's -- whether he is coming or going. just like it was when he was president of the u.s. four he was pushed out of the white house in august and has publicly declared in his words more on the republican establishment. former fox news personality bill o'reilly is firing back following a report to the new york times claiming he settled a sexual harassment case before signing a new contract with the network. that settlement was for $32 million and was paid to a former contributed to his program. she accused him of trying to force her into a sexual relationship. representative for the pair company said they knew about
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the settlement but not the amount. he was fired back in april and admits other allegations said that the story and the times were out of context and false. police say a female student was attacked while jogging on 12th in the hills near campus. that student said she was jogging when a man tackled her to the ground and try to take off her shorts and fathered her thursday. she was able to get away. the attacker is described as a man in his 50s with the full graybeard. coming up tonight and sub plows into two cyclist in the east bay. the investigation underway into the hit and run and the search for the for -- person behind the well. coming up later a very rare side of stefan curry . we will have all the highlights at 10:45 pm.
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putting politics aside all for good cause. of next how all are coming together to raise money for hurricane relief efforts. the storm tracker being pushed up to the north leaving the bay area in the clear. a warming trend and i will let you know when 90 degree heat will return to the forecast.
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a heartbreaking moment today as the wife of sergeant johnson kisses his casket. the soldier was laid to rest today. he received a full military funeral. the death led to a political fight between president donald trump and a former congresswoman. president donald trump continued the dispute in a tweet this morning. kristin fisher has more from washington. >> reporter: president donald trump continuing to defend his condolences. he was one of four servicemembers killed this month and ambush attack by militants linked to isis. the president tweeting i hope the fake news media keeps talking about wacky congressman wilson and she is killing the democrat party. the democrat said that he said
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he knew what he signed up for.>> i was stunned when i came to work yesterday morning and brokenhearted. four despite the pushback from the trouble ministration, she knows when she heard. >> you don't call a grieving mother and say your husband -- your guy knew what he signed up and getting into. that is not appropriate. >> reporter: president donald trump said that the family of fallen soldiers weigh heavy on his heart. >> these are tougher than dealing with the heads of countries. these are very sad and sometimes the grieving is so incredible. >> reporter: they gathered in south florida to say goodbye to sergeant johnson.
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he was just 25 years old and leaves behind a pregnant wife, a six-year-old daughter, and her two-year-old son. thousands of documents pertaining to the assassination of president kennedy will be released to the public this week. 25 years ago they set a deadline to release all jfk assassination files by october 26 of this year, which is this thursday. president donald trump said on twitter this morning that he would not stand in the way of the files being released. in 1992, they passed a law called the jfk assassination records act in response to conspiracy theories. president donald trump has himself there is about the killings. last year he made a unproven claim that ted cruz's father desk right before the shooting. >> it's father was with him
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prior to oz will being shot. that whole thing is ridiculous. >> experts website assassination carefully don't expect any major bombshells in the documents, but others are hoping to find out if he acted alone or if you was supported by a foreign government. we are starting off the weekend with mostly sunny skies and temperature starting to trend up. some 60s and 70s out there. livermore 71 and san francisco in the mid 60s. here's a satellite perspective. we of clouds and showers heading up to the north especially up toward the pacific northwest. most of california experiencing mostly clear skies and dry conditions as well. taken a look at some of the current numbers right now for
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the 10:00 tower. we have san francisco band the seven, san jose 59, 61 concord. you can see santa rosa in the lower 50s and on track to reach a 40s overnight. looking out toward the bay bridge toward san francisco and no thought to speak up right now. mostly clear skies for tonight. it will lead to a sunny sunday. overnight lows back down to the 40s for santa rosa and napa and san francisco 53 and livermore upper 40s. the 20 generate fog offshore and maybe a few patches could be popping up closer to the coast line tomorrow morning but then into the afternoon hours, the clouds clear out to leave mostly sunny skies and maybe a few patches of fog. temperatures tomorrow will be in the 60s and lots of 70s out there. warmest locations close to 80 degrees for your sunday afternoon. that will be the case toward antioch and concord.
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san jose 76, san francisco 72, santa rosa 81 degrees. tomorrow should be warmer than today and a few neighborhoods could be approaching 90 degrees. we will talk more about that with increasing fire danger in your 5 day forecast coming up in a few minutes. a benefit concert in place tonight featuring some big names from the world of politics and entertainment. president donald trump did not attend the event but did deliver a message. >> as a nation, we mourn for those that die and we pray for those who lost their homes or their livelihoods. together we will recover and we will rebuild and we will come back stronger and better than ever before.>> five former presidents also addressed the audience. joe has a story. >> reporter: putting politics aside for a night all for good cause. >> the heart of america is greater then our problems.
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>> reporter: all five living former u.s. presidents coming together to raise money for hurricane relief efforts. >> when ordinary people step up and do extraordinary things -- >> reporter: the concert taking place in texas featuring several musical performances. >> i speak for the folks right here when i say, we really admire and love george hw bush. >> reporter: all the proceeds will go to benefit areas recently affected by hurricanes. the fundraiser was originally created to help aid recovery efforts for hurricane harvey victims but extended to assist those affected by hurricane irma and maria. puerto rico is still feeling the aftermath of hurricane maria a month after it slammed into the island.
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roughly 80% of customers remain in the dark as work continues to repair the power grid. >> if there's anything we can do to do this faster, we would be doing it. so this is dashes not because we don't have the support, it's because this is a massive rebuild that is going to take months. we are going all out and were getting all the help we need from the federal government. four for now they are making do with what they have.>> this whenever and got sauce with pity in his eyes. still to come tonight harvey weinstein seeking treatment after allegations of sexual harassment. we will have the details ahead. target looking to be more competitive with other retailers with announcement of new services to attract new customers. the changes you can expect to see.
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we can now use a blood sample to detect lung cancer. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for asthma. and if we can stop seizures in epilepsy patients with a small pacemaker for the brain, imagine what we can do for multiple sclerosis, even migraines. if we can use patients' genes to predict heart disease in their families, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you.
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back now with breaking news as a large train has derailed and at least 50 cars throughout the track and some hit a building in tennessee. it is not clear what the cars were carrying. we will follow this and bring you the very latest as soon as we learn more about the derailment in nashville, tennessee. now to new information a spokesman for harvey weinstein says he will remain at a luxury resort for treatment for at least a month. the spokesman said that he checked into a five store -- star hotel. more than 40 women have come forward to accuse him of sexual harassment. says reports first surfaced, he has since resigned from the board of his company and now faces two criminal investigations.
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he has admitted he is a problem but denies any allegations of nonconsensual sex. a judge has decided to test out a woman -- an award against a manufacturing company johnson & johnson in a cancer case. the judge will grant the company a new trial setting the previous case has several errors. the women in the case claims that johnson & johnson baby powder gave her ovarian cancer in the company failed to warn the public of the risk of talcum powder. the woman has inside but her attorney said they will be appealing the decision. target is changing how it does business. have announced plans to expand same-day delivery, remodel all locations and open small stores in urban areas. also merging the operation with the e-commerce efforts and target plans to start curbside pickup for online grocery customers pretty soon. walmart offers curbside service
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and plans to expand pick up two more locations. up next a car thieves so get very far after their plan was slowed by an unexpected object. we will explain it all after the break. two cyclist hurt after hit- and-run and the search for the driver.
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and i am a senior public safety my namspecialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely.
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i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california. we continue to follow breaking news out of san francisco tonight. police at the scene of the shooting in the city of pacific heights neighborhood. it was reported in our goal -- an hour ago. they confirmed they responded to reports of someone who was shot. this is video we received within the last 30 minutes. so
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far there is no word on the victim's condition or on the circumstances involving the shooting. we will keep you posted on more developments as soon as we learn more about the shooting in the pacific heights neighborhood. the search is on for driver responsible for a hit-and-run crash in danville that sent two cyclist to the hospital today. it happened this afternoon. rob talked with neighbors would been lobbying for bike lanes. >> reporter: chp continue to look for the hit-and-run driver that injured the cyclist in danville. >> it's unfortunately not uncommon on this road. this bike path is helpful for slower by traffic but not designed for road cycling. >> reporter: around 2:00 p.m. saturday is silver car
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traveling eastbound hit the two cyclist. one was airlifted to the medical center and the other taken to another medical center. both will survive their injuries and cyclist say when taking the white the road, you hope for the best. >> this is like the best ride in the east bay because it -- it's the most dangerous part. this is a heavily traveled road. >> reporter: neighbors say the safest option is writing to the neighborhood. >> they are taking their lives in their hands when they do that . it's scary. >> reporter: state law requires motorists give cyclist at least 3 feet of space, which is impossible on this road. in may 2013 a group sued the city to make improvements. meanwhile, they continue to brave the 127 mile stretch and
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with no shoulder. >> nobody is paying attention. everybody is texting and they pass you going over 60 miles an hour. >> reporter: there been at least 20 car cyclist collisions on this road. >> there is no room for the bike. >> reporter: it can be dangerous and they continue to look for protection. widening the road could solve the problem and today's accident is a reminder that more needs to be done in quickly. the san francisco officer seriously injured in a hit-and- run this week remains in critical condition tonight. the 32-year-old is in intensive care. he was on bike patrol on wednesday when he was struck. the suspect faces a long list
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of charges including attempted murder and felony hit-and-run with injury. yesterday a judge set bail at $10 million for the suspect. oakland police said today that alcohol appears to have been a factor in a hit-and-run that left a 10-year-old girl critically injured. the girl was struck yesterday afternoon on east 15th street. she is a fourth grader. officer say the driver of the car fled but she was later arrested. the suspect is being held on a series of charges. the young victim is listed in critical condition with head injuries and fractures. in concord, three card or glory suspects were arrested. they were bouncing on top of a large rock yesterday. the car was stolen from hayward and police say it's not clear how the accident happened exactly. the suspects took off running
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and are still at large. the car was returned to the owner. the weather starting off the weekend with mostly sunny skies but a bit of a warning train coming up. we are talking about 90s and higher fire danger headed our way.
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the will --
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a bit of a warming trend for the bay area as we head into next week. it's been an amazing week with rainfall and snow and now were talking about 90 degree temperatures in the forecast. tomorrow it will be a warmer day. summer 70s across most areas.
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the football forecast for tomorrow the cowboys in town playing the 49ers and temperatures around kickoff in the mid-70s. here's a satellite perspective in the clouds and the storm track is out to the north. we have a pretty good rainfall of toward portland and seattle. lots of cloud cover but for us we have a mostly clear skies with the exception of patchy fog. i think that will be the case. current numbers out there right now we have santa rosa checking in 52, concord 61, sal is a 59 and san francisco upper 50s. life, looking out for the bay bridge and they're out there in the distance. we could have areas of fog developing tomorrow morning but then sunny skies into the afternoon hours. we have the warm air to the self. the cooler air to the north and
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-- that's a well-defined frontal bound -- the answer. tomorrow will be warmer out there like we mentioned. the warm up is set to move in monday and tuesday. those days we could have the warmest locations close to 90 degrees. an increase in the fire danger especially for the northbay hills. we do not have fire warnings out there. thankfully the recent rainfall is helping. there will be another wind event sunday night into monday morning and possibly into tuesday morning. at least monday and possibly tuesday, we will have elevated fire danger. winds could be gusting approaching 30 miles an hour. fire season in danger still on the table. here's a forecast model showing you this and just -- does
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generate some patchy fog near potions -- portions of the coastline. we should have 60s for the beaches. lots of 70s and the warmest locations inland some 80s out toward concord and brentwood. santa rosa 81, san francisco 72 and the south bay for san jose 76 in santa cruz 78. here is a look ahead your 5 day forecast temperatures noticed a big change. it will be warm and high fire danger for monday and no warnings yet. looks like the warm weather pattern will stick around all week long. so it was nice to have the first of rain on thursday night. >> i had the heat on last night and now i'm going to have 90 degree temperatures. in sacramento area the
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community of citrus heights is ushering in the fall season by striking up the -- the band is open to all ages. >> we just wanted something fun to do to include everybody in the community.>> after the parade there was food and dancing and proceeds go to helping out the band. we are following that breaking news out of san francisco tonight. police are the scene of a shooting in the city of pacific knights neighborhood. the shooting was reported about an hour ago near the intersection of clay and look in the streets. rob malcolm is live at the scene for us tonight. can you set the scene and tell us what is going on.>> reporter:
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the police were called here about 8:52 pm tonight. they responded to shots fired and responded and found one victim on the street. what you have here is an active investigation. there canvassing the neighborhood taking pictures and just continue with the ongoing investigation. we do have -- we don't have a lot to go on so i'm going to bring in the lieutenant. what details about what police are doing tonight. >> reporter: you did cover a lot of it. they responded to this area at a 52 p.m. -- 8:52 pm. they located the victim with non-life-threatening injuries. the victim was transported to a hospital where they are being treated.
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this is an ongoing investigation. there's not a lot that we will release at this time. we are following up on leads and looking for two suspects. >> we heard that you can't confirm whether or not an uber driver was involved. >> that is part of the investigation. >> reporter: what you have to do tonight? i see the investigators walking to the sidewalks and taking measurements. have you canvassed a lot of the neighbors here? it is a very busy street. >> again, it is ongoing and we have some of our best officers out here tonight. i have a feeling that they will collect a lot of evidence. >> reporter: thank you for doing this on such short notice. i'm sure this investigation is in good hands. we appreciate all the hard walk
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-- work you do. not a whole lot to go on right now. we will have much more information in the morning added tomorrow in the news. that is it for us. sports is coming up after the break.
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i am scott reese. you probably laughed out loud when you saw the cover of sports illustrated june 15, 2014. proclaiming that the astros would win the world series three years later. guess was laughing now? game 7 astros versus yankees and a big


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